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Custom Suede 9Forty A-Frames Have Landed

Posted by Urban Wear on

Urban Wear and New Era have collaborated and elevated their cap game with this limited run of Custom Suede New Era 9Forty A-Frames.

Designed with comfort and style in mind, the creative team at Urban Wear decided to relinquish the conventional cotton twill fabric and replace with a soft touch suede to give customers a unique look and uncompromised quality. Additionally, the latest release incorporates a trending colour palette to integrate with your current wardrobe.

Inspired by the drive for continuous innovation, New Era’s team of designers have updated the classic New Era A-Frame silhouette with a subtle height adjustment to the crown that creates a deeper more comfortable fit.

After numerous hours of R&D, Urban Wear and New Era are proud to present the latest Custom Suede 9Forty A-Frames.

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