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G Shock Bluetooth & Your Smart Phone

Posted by Urban Wear on

This isn’t a story about a smart watch that only lasts 5 hours before you need to charge it – Wait, Charge your watch???

Nor is it a story about a smart watch that you can’t even get wet, because maybe your sweat might even void your warranty.

Its not even a smart device that is all of a sudden a watch.

This is a story about a watch that’s got brains…. and the guts to boot!

Meet the G-Shock’s Bluetooth G Mix range! It’s one tough motha that’s for sure. Not only is already a watch that is durable, tough and all things synonyms with G-Shock, this beast packs a brain as well. A Bluetooth brain. Yep - Control your songs on the run and the volume via your watch. You can access all of the media on your phone but you won’t be getting any message alerts or sending texts via your G-Shock watch. – But who texts through their phone anyway? I mean, really Dick Tracy?

This watch is for the youth. Its screams Gen-Y in its ability to withstand and crap you can out your own wrist through and only cares about the media in your phone. We Love it!

While its not an Einstein of a brain in this little ring of gadgetry & brawn it still talks to your phone and only cares about your media.