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Must Have Footwear for Men

Posted by Urban Wear on

What we wear on our feet has become almost as important as the clothes we wear them with, shoes make fashion statements, in fact, some people claim to be able to figure out a man’s personality based on the type of shoe he is wearing. While the truth of that claim is not our business, what we do claim to be true is our dedication to bringing you a list of good-looking footwear apparel that you just must have on your shoe rack. Any man who is fashion-conscious should know that Urban Wear has only the best streetwear for your feet!


A combination of being a blast from the past and a currently trending fad, Converse shoes are not going out of style anytime soon, so the best thing you can do is get yourself a pair. We offer a wide variety of Converse styles from which to pick; ranging from the more traditional Converse Hi and Converse Lo, to more recent editions like the Converse Mono leather series. For those looking for a little more flare, there are also the all-white Converse Optical variants, which are a delight to rock on any casual occasion and are sure to make you stand out as the most fashionable man in the room.


Another classic that just gets cooler with age, Vans shoes have been with us for years and have proved themselves to be the definitive men’s streetwear brand - coming in different variants such as Vans Authentic and Vans Era, with each style having a unique colour, shape and feel. If you’re looking for some variety in your urban footwear, look no further than Vans and you’ll be sure to find something that agrees with your dress sense and taste in quality fashion.


Timberland is another delight to wear on your feet, with boots that work well for guys with an eye for big things. This brand has been worn by rappers and movie stars, and is something you should really consider adding to your shoe collection if you want to stay trendy, with one of the hottest streetwear brands online. These terrific Timberlands come in various styles, such as the Timberland 6-inch Premium boot, which is available in wheat and navy colours, as well as a cup sole variant for that flat sole look. While not only cool, any of these boots will last a long time, so you don’t have to worry about wear while you’re rocking your stuff.

Are you looking to get a new pair of shoes from any of these fantastic footwear brands? Urban Wear Online has these shoes at great sale prices that you won’t get anywhere else, so do yourself a favour and jump into urban streetwear with some top-of-the-range shoes. You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t!