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Sleek Footwear you must buy for your kids

Posted by Urban Wear on

Kids grow up so fast these days, their rapidly accelerating growth rate often makes it difficult to keep up with their development, and it’s easy to skip a parent’s mind when they require a change in their clothing and fashion accessories, case in point here- shoes. But it’s important for your kids looking trendy and give them a sense of class and a good dress sense from childhood which will help them as they grow and stay with them even in adult life, we’ve put together a couple of nice kids shoes that would look adorable on your kids, save you some cash, and give you value for your money in durability and quality.


Your kids see their favorite basketball stars on TV and the only thing they notice is not just their dunking skills, they are sure to be attracted by the sneakers on their feet, and not just sport stars, but just about everyone rocks sneakers these days and your kids- male and female would be more than delighted to have a pair of sneakers added to their shoe collections, apart from looking good, they’ll also feel better about themselves.

Converse all stars

Think that the popular brand symbolized by a star is exclusively for adults? Think again, there are really cool all-star adaptations for kids which are both quite pocket friendly and will look just as good on your kids as it looked on you back in your teenage years (or even right now if you’re still a die-hard converse fan)


Yeah, the very one, off the wall, vans is another cool footwear brand that has been around for years and is also not exclusive to the adults, your kids can also rock vans as well as you or just about any college student can. Coming in various colors and styles, you have a good range of choices of vans shoes to pick from for your kids (or for your kids to select themselves if they are that old) and they’ll be sure to love it.


These comfortable foot wears while being nice and good looking on your kids also have the desirable feature of being easy to pull off and on, you don’t have to worry about knotting and unknotting laces before and after every outing, in fact, your child may not necessarily require your assistance in pulling it off and on


If you’re looking at a crossover between simplicity and style, getting a pair of sandals for your kid should not be a bad idea, often not as expensive as the other types of kids’ foot wears mentioned above, they are easy on the pocket, easy to maintain and your kid still gets to retain a sense of style and being fashionable.

Flip flops

These are for the indoors of course or maybe a casual stroll with your kid through the park in the evenings, but despite how casual they are, physical appeal and aesthetics may still be considered in choosing the right pair of flip flops for your kids, they’ll feel good every time they stick their feet in them.

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