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Why do women love guys in streetwear?

Posted by Urban Wear on

So, it’s the streetwear revolution, we can feel the vibe everywhere, from guys on the street pairing tees and sweatpants with sneakers, to the peacock parade on Instagram, urban streetwear seems to be in fashion now. A surprising benefit of this revolution is that it’s a big turn on with the ladies; guys rocking streetwear seem to be more capable of being attractive to girls, be it at the gym, the bar, or simply a random social event. Join us as we look at what exactly it is about streetwear apparel that is such a turn on for women.

1) The Cool Factor

This might sound cliché, but streetwear being the current fad is cool and since time immemorial, ladies have always been attracted to the hottest fashion trends at the time. In the days when it was all about large baggy trousers and laced-up shoes, this was the kind of dressing that attracted girls, and so now that men’s streetwear is the in thing, of course you can trust the ladies to swoon over any guy that is able to pull off this look properly.

2) They wear it too

The streetwear movement is not restricted to men alone – it is common on campuses and even residential streets to see ladies in ripped jeans, tank tops and high tops or sneakers. Since they rock streetwear apparel too, it’s only logical that girls would be attracted to guys who have the same taste for stylish urban streetwear. We all know that attraction is often more about finding common ground and interests, so this is a sure-fire way to get the attention of that girl that makes your head spin. Conversations can easily be started about streetwear brands or your favorite clothing stores near you, and soon you will find an easy connection with these fashionable women.

3) Personality

It is often taken for granted that guys who are always dressed corporately (three-piece suits all the time) take life too seriously and are not easily flexible. A female respondent on a blog post once said: “the kind of guy who wears a suit to every occasion is most likely the kind of guy who won’t care if his girlfriend has an orgasm because he’s more focused on getting a tie dimple.” While this notion is hilarious to some, this statement really sums up what ladies think about male corporate dressing, and because of this, girls tend to be drawn more to guys to guys who can rock streetwear clothing. Many girls rightly assume that the “cool” guys are a little more flexible with life and are not boring, highly-strung businessmen.

4) Attention and thoughtfulness

Combining casual-wear is not just a mindless activity, as you need to match colours and ensure clothing is the right fit and size for your body. Seeing a guy in hip urban streetwear automatically passes a message that he has put some thought and effort into choosing his clothes and appearance, depicting someone who is attentive to his dressing, and so would be attentive to a woman’s needs. This is a very attractive quality for any man to have.

These are the reasons women love guys in streetwear so much. If you take this information into consideration when picking your own casual-wear, you too could end up taking home the stylish girl of your dreams. For the best in online Australian streetwear, we’ve got you covered at Urban Wear Online.Here, you can choose from dozens of streetwear brands for the perfect look to give the girls something to stare at. Make sure to stay cool, and good luck with the ladies!